About Linda

Your Retreat Coach Linda Potter

Linda in kayakSince taking my first solo retreat in 2000, I have believed passionately in the power of retreats. Not only for the ability to relax and renew but also for how this time away can re-energize and transform your life.

Retreat is about remembering who you are. Nautilus Retreats are about slowing down, asking gentle questions, connecting with others and rediscovering your inner wisdom.

Somehow our lives have gotten so busy we have lost our way. We move from work to meetings to errands so fast that we have lost touch with ourselves and what is truly important in our lives. Those dreams we once had get put on the shelf as we say “someday, someday…”. But that day will never arrive until you begin to live your life intentionally and learn to create balance between the demands others place on you and the necessity of caring for yourself.

In my retreat practice, I find this is especially true for women. From a young age, women are taught and praised for nurturing and caring for others. But few women have been taught how to care for themselves with the same tenderness that they show toward family and friends. At Nautilus Retreats, I help women explore ways to bring healthy self care into their lives and realize that nurturing their bodies, souls and dreams is the best way for them to develop the inner strength and love needed to care for others.

Life and creationThroughout the year, I offer several day and mini retreats at my home in Canton or our family cottage on Trout Lake in Hermon, New York. If being in a group doesn’t work for you or if your work schedule doesn’t allow you to attend an evening or weekend retreat, then consider a one-on-one retreat. Working with your ideas, I will design a one day retreat or a series of mini-retreats to meet your needs. It could also be a series of lunch hour walks or weekend hikes with guided discussion or meeting at your home over coffee. Whatever form you choose, we can craft the opportunity to slow down and talk about what is truly important to your life. All you need to do is to take the first step and schedule your retreat by contacting me at (315) 386-4364 or nautilus@twncy.rr.com.