Pen Pal

I have a pen pal

I have a pen pal. I feel about 12 years old when I write that sentence but in a good way. It makes me feel joyful and excited. My pen pal is a friend who lives and works in Maine and is often off-line when she goes to lead wilderness camping and canoe trips. To

How to Start a Conversation (Project)

In the depths of winter, I began to yearn for conversation. Not posting or tweeting, but talking face to face. Not the quick “Fine” tossed off in response to “How are you?” as we rush off to do the next thing but deep conversation with thoughtful answers and full listening. I was hungry for it

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

My high school boyfriend sends me an email on my birthday every year. He lives in Rhode Island and we haven’t seen each other in over 25 years. I always respond with a quick snapshot of my life and sometimes hear back from him but generally not. Then another year goes by and he pops

Sage Woman - FP Little People

Sage Woman

An old friend from my childhood has come to visit me and I think that she will be staying for a while. After catching a glimpse online of the Fisher Price Little People of my youth (the wooden ones), I asked my mom to search the closets and send up the one that we always

Gift Box

Savoring The Gifts

I was standing in my kitchen today thinking about my nephew who recently died. I remembered how he lived with us for a week this past January. Due to a mix-up in communication with his coach, he arrived at college a week early. Rather than traveling back six plus hours back with his dad and


Raspberry Retreat

I first shared this blog post in 2011 on Recently I picked raspberries again at the same patch and found that (again) I had to slow down to fully enjoy the process. Even though you learn a lesson the first time around, you may have to revisit it many times to fully get it.


What Does Courage Look Like?

The image that always seems to pop into my head when I think about courage is from a book that I had when I was a child. I don’t even remember what the book was about, certainly not courage, but there was an illustration of a lion tamer putting his head into the lion’s mouth.


Ginormous Is A Word

Our youngest son, Arlo, has a long history of mashing words together to create new ones. So when he started to use “ginormous” to describe things, my husband and I exchanged bemused looks and let him carry on. One day in the car, as Arlo used “ginormous” to describe an incident at school, we turned

Read Obits

Read The Obituaries

I like to read obituaries. No, that is not quite right. I read obituaries to quell my curiosity about how others live. It wasn’t always that way. I’ve been a newspaper reader, actually a reader in general, since I was a child and would pour over the pages of the two daily papers my parents

Busy Drug

How to Get Off the Busy Drug

You know the busy drug. The one that keeps your body jazzed and moving all day from one task to the next because busy is the way to be. “How are you?” “Busy, man, busy. You wouldn’t believe how busy I am.” We all strive to earn the busy badge each day and compete to