Customized Group Retreats

group retreatMake the time in your personal and work life to slow down, listen to your inner voice and reclaim your dreams. Retreat Coach Linda Potter will work with you to design a customized retreat to meet your needs.

A customized retreat can be a one hour brown bag lunch retreat with your co-workers or a day retreat for your staff to rejuvenate and relax. You can use a retreat to make girls’ night out or a girls’ weekend getaway a more authentic sharing experience. Create a retreat with Linda to mark a milestone birthday for yourself or a friend. Organize one for mothers and daughters. Hold a family reunion around a customized retreat. Use it as time set aside to mark an anniversary with thoughtful reflection. It can be just for you or for a group of co-workers, friends or family. It can last for an hour or a weekend. You get to choose and work with Linda to design a customized retreat to allow you to slow down and listen to your inner wisdom.Hands on collage

Your customized retreat can be held at Linda’s home in Canton or her family cottage on Trout Lake or any other location you desire (B&B, conference center, your home or office, on a hike, at a beach – use your imagination!).

To schedule your customized retreat, contact Linda at (315) 386-4364 or