When I attend a Nautilus Retreat, I return home nourished and renewed – body, mind and soul. My stresses are released and spirit rejuvenated. Linda gently guides us ladies with joy, wisdom and love. I recommend Nautilus Retreats for anyone who seeks solace, insight and rest!
– Samantha, 57 years young

I would recommend the Journaling Day Retreat to all people – men included. Everyone can live a more comfortable, fulfilling life having examined that life by journaling. I now really see journaling as a path to self understanding, comfort and direction.
– Wanda, age 84

Year Of Intentional Living Retreat is an outstanding opportunity to reflect on what you want to strive for in the coming year.
– Coreen, age 43

Nautilus Retreats is a gentle reminder of how you can become a better mother, wife, lover, friend, sister and daughter by simply carving out times of the day or week for fun and reflection.
– Shelby

Begin living the life you long for! Linda will guide you as you learn to listen to your true self and gently shift toward living a more fulfilling life.
– Rainbow, 36

After my husband’s death, with three young children at home, I needed someone objective who could guide me through this difficult time. Personal coaching with Linda helped me establish realistic goals in order for our family to move forward and make some sense of this tragedy. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, I was able to find that inner peace again. And this was very important to me. Today, I am a better mother, sister, daughter and friend because of Linda.

Personal coaching with Linda has helped me overcome personal barriers, manage difficult situations with aplomb, and identify and organize my next steps for creating a life that flows with balance, harmony and abundance. I’m still a work in progress, but much steadier in my approach already, and it’s only been 5 months. Coaching with Linda, for me, has been that calming force that allows me to take a step back, put events, interactions, new endeavors in perspective and breathe while asking the questions that allow the solutions to surface and create a confident, positive response to the demands that seem to drive my life. It’s like having an ace in your back pocket!
– Kimberly D

Through one-on-one coaching with Linda, I have gained a better sense of self-acceptance, gratitude, and joy in my life. It has helped me to become more self-confident and grounded in present moment, which has led me to become a better wife, mother, and woman. Linda offers a gentle and wise approach to personal coaching that I found to be both intuitive and inspiring.


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Ann Marie

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